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The Happy Place Cleaning Services Resource Guide, could quite possibly be the only online home service website within the Chicagoland area maintaining a presence, educating, and reporting the best of the best within the health and wellness of Home Cleaning Essentials.

This online medium is targeted to those who are serious about finding quality home health related resources, while saving money in their pursuits, as well as a forum for advertisers to reach this select audience.

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Advertising Rates Closing Dates   Market Months Sponsorship

Closing and Market Dates


October ~ ​Home Business
November • December ~ 
Holiday Guide

Closing Date

o8 . 01 . 23
10 . 01 . 23

Market Month

o9 . 01 . 23
11 . 01 . 23


10 . 31 . 23
12 . 31 . 23

Advertising Rates for 2 Months

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Commercial AD

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Ad Layouts &
Mechanical Specifications

Aspect Ratio 9:16 

Custom Home Art  Gallery

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Max Length up to 60 seconds 

Creative Professional

Five (5) lines includes:
Company Name, Street Address, City State Zip, Phone Number and Web Address

1700 87th Avenue
Chicago 60600
PH: 123-456-7890

2680 East Sage ST
Chicago 60600
PH: 123-456-7890

Image Area  >  4”h X 5”w ~ Jpeg or Png

Advertising Terms
Your Ad can be changed 1 time within a market month for free. Additional Ad change within a market month ~ $50 per change.

All transactions are to be made online including all: Ad submissions, uploads and payments

Happy Place Cleaning Services ~
Cares Campaign 5% of all AD proceeds will go to support a wide range of charitable and social causes within the Chicagoland Area

Contract and Copy Regulations

Happy Place Cleaning Services reserves the right to edit, reject, cancel, or correctly clarify any ad, and is not responsible or liable for complete omissions of ads or any errors of information committed by those placing ads. Happy Place Cleaning Services assumes no responsibility for any reason, error, or omission in any ad beyond the cost of the ad itself. Happy Place Cleaning Services specifically disclaims any and all liability to advertisers, readers, and users for loss or damage or any disputes due to inaccuracy, error, or omission of ad copy, whether caused by Happy Place Cleaning Services, its employees or agents, or any other person.

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